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The less you know,
The more you fear...
-F Ponti              

UNIVERSAL THEORIST (UT) was established as a nonprofit in 2018, and soon will be a 501c(3) non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO). Our purpose is to be a conduit to a more universal, expansive, and inclusive vision of the world by exploring varying concepts and topics related to all aspects of life. By providing awareness, exposure, and education through articles, books and online courses, we are creating expansive offerings through the eyes of seasoned observers from all walks of life. The discourse will be topical and sometimes obscure; however, it will always be comprehensive and relevant.  Our goal is to sustain our mission through donations, grants, and by offering immersive online experiences. All of the funds will be put back into our projects, courses and events. If you like what you see, please help us to continue. Master classes by and for the masses.


Your donation will:

  • Help develop courses and publications 

  • Make everything accessible to everyone

  • Help provide scholarship money to enable students to further their studies in ethics and philosophy within their given field

  • Provide research fellowships in the areas of ethics in technology, empathic leadership, and humanitarian education


The website will be the home to publications, custom courses, partnered affiliates or institutions, workshops, events and activities generated by a core of contributing writers, as well as shared content from alliance non-profit organizations and individuals. 

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