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Elisabeth Liddell

Teacher, Technologist, Blogging Pioneer, Artist

Elisa is the embodiment of a convergence of technology, education, and lifestyle. She began as a teacher and college lecturer, helping to establish the study of the mass media in Scottish schools and colleges. In the ‘90s, she was bit by the computer bug and became enamored with ‘palmtop’ computers - mainly the Psion/GeoFox, the precursors to today’s tablets. Ahead of her time, she began a blog aimed at building a community of PDA users called FoxPop for the GeoFOX POPulis. The site grew rapidly, engaging a large international following as well as attracting an eclectic Editorial Board.


Elisa has kindly agreed to contribute to Universal Theorist, specifically through her photography. She will be providing a blow-by-blow accounting of how she creates her visually rich compositions. From outlining the assignments, showing the equipment used, explaining how she creates her unique effects, to the final post, Elisa will give us a rare insight into her process. Enjoy!


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